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Global launch of the Network Readiness Index 2023

About the event

Join us at the global launch of the Network Readiness Index 2023 and be among the first to discover the world's most digitally ready economies.


Hosted by Saïd Business School and Portulans Institute, this hybrid event welcomes participants both in-person and virtually.

The 2023 edition of the Network Readiness Index (NRI) will be dedicated to the theme of trust in technology and network society. It draws attention to the potential for a serious crisis in public trust in the internet and related technologies, in our increasingly interconnected world.

The global launch event will serve as a platform for unveiling the findings of the 2023 report and engaging in discussions about the vital aspect of restoring trust in our networked society. It will bring together leaders from government, industry, and academia to offer their perspectives on the issue.

Soumitra Dutta, Peter Moores Dean of Oxford Saïd and founder and co-author of the NRI, said: ‘Over the past two decades, the NRI has become a comprehensive assessment of digital readiness, supporting metrics-based, informed policymaking on technology with the goals of fostering economic growth and enhancing quality of life across the world. This latest edition will seek to provide insights into creating a trusted digital future for businesses and society.’

About the Network Readiness Index (NRI)

First launched in 2002 by the World Economic Forum, and redesigned in 2019 by its founders Soumitra and Bruno Lanvin, the Network Readiness Index is an in-depth analysis of 134 countries’ performance across four dimensions of digital readiness - technology, people, governance, and impact - using 58 different indicators.

Currently published by Portulans Institute and Oxford Saïd, the 2023 NRI is the fifth edition of a renewed NRI model, reflecting how technology and people need to be integrated within an effective governance structure in order to have the right impact on our economy, society and the environment.

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2-2:30pm Welcome and networking

2:30-2:40pm Welcome addresses

2:40-3pm Opening remarks

3-3:20pm NRI 2023 presentation: 'The results of the Network Readiness Index 2023'

3:20-4:20pm Panel discussion: 'Rebuilding trust in the Network Society'

4:20-4:40pm Audience Q&A

4:40-5pm Closing remarks

5:00-6pm Drinks Reception