Edouard Benveniste

Edouard Benveniste, SVP Data and Strategy, Sotheby's

Engaging with the Humanities

Rewriting the rules of the art industry: a data-driven transformation

The art market is one of the most visible, yet least understood industries in the world. And it is in the midst of a digital transformation that is redefining what and how art transacts every day.

During this talk, Sotheby’s Senior Vice President of Data & Strategy, Edouard Benveniste gives an introduction to the art market with a focus on how data and emerging technologies are shaking up an industry long known for its opacity.

Benveniste, who has spent the past decade at the world’s leading auction houses in roles spanning sales and technology, will share lessons from the transformation of the art world that can apply to any industry at the time of disruptive innovation.