The decisive decade: strategies for regeneration through social finance

About the event

A conversation led by Gayle Peterson, Social Finance programme director with faculty members on regenerative finance.

Social Finance Programme Director Gayle Peterson and her fellow faculty members examined effective strategies to use regenerative finance to build community wealth and ownership, conserve oceans and food systems, achieve net zero and local energy production, protect biodiversity and advance indigenous practices in this webinar.

Strategies discussed:

  • Democracy Collaborative will highlight a suite of community wealth-building strategies to promote local ownership and ensure investment resource stay in communities. A case study on Democracy Collaborative will be used. It also offers new economic models based on regeneration.
  • Trinity Centres Foundation puts social finance, adaptive re-use of churches and church lands, and real estate for community and social purpose. Graham represents a larger global community. Faith-aligned investing is estimated at more than US$5 trillion and will be a focus of social finance.
  • SVX promotes a wide-range of nature-based investment solutions and conservation to drive new jobs and economic opportunities in Mexico and Latin America.


  • Laura Ortiz Montemayor is Chief Purpose Officer at SVX México and GP at Regenera Ventures Fund. She is a social entrepreneur, founder of SVX México, passionate about regenerative culture, systems thinking and decentralised systems. She is an alumna of the Oxford Impact Investing Programme.
  • Stephanie McHenry is Chief Executive Officer of the Democracy Collaborative. She has been the president of several community banks including Shorebank Cleveland and she is driven by community wealth building, racial equity, and community ownership of assets. Democracy Collaborative is having impact from Cleveland to Scotland.
  • Graham Singh is CEO of Trinity Centres Foundation, which uses faith aligned investments to reimagine new social impact investing and creating an equitable future for cities, towns and villages. Graham is an alumnus of the Oxford Impact Finance Innovations Programme.
  • Dawson Her Many Horses is Senior Vice President & Head of Native American Banking, Commercial Banking, Wells Fargo. He brings a unique perspective on finance and the financial and social needs of Native Americans. Dawson is an alumnus of the Oxford Impact Investing Programme.

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