Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre

CBT Summer Conference 2019

About the event

Taxing the digitalised economy: Closing in on reform?

The Summer Conference is the Centre's flagship annual policy conference and will take place at Saïd Business School, Oxford on Friday 5 July starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm. A drinks reception will follow the conference.

The OECD will report to the G20 in June 2019 on progress made in the deliberations of the Inclusive Framework in 'addressing the tax challenges of the digitalisation of the economy.' It has the aim of 'delivering a long-term and consensus-based solution in 2020.'

Many questions arise. What are the problems to which the Inclusive Framework is seeking a solution? Is the aim still to fix perceived problems for a well-defined, if important, 'digitalised' sector of the economy? Or is the agenda much wider, with proposals for reform aimed at the entire economy? Pillar 1 of the proposals seeks to assign more taxing rights to the 'market' country. Is this a fundamental shift to create a 'new taxing right?' Or does it merely reflect the view that value created in the market country is not sufficiently acknowledged under the existing system? Pillar 2 is a proposal for global anti-base erosion (GloBE) measures, which 'seeks to address remaining BEPS risk of profit shifting to entities subject to no or very low taxation,' primarily by introducing an income inclusion rule that would operate as a minimum tax for income arising in foreign branches and controlled entities. Among other things, the OECD believes that this may stop a harmful race to the bottom, and 'could effectively shield developing countries from the pressure to offer inefficient incentives.' These are strong claims; are they justified?

The conference will explore these issues from a principled - but also a practical - perspective just a few days after the OECD reports to the G20. It will involve leading speakers and participants from OECD, government, business, professional firms and academia.

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Speakers include:

Pascal Saint-Amans, Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD

Mike Williams, Director Business and International Tax, HM Treasury

Janine Juggins, EVP Global Tax, Unilever and Chair of CBI Tax Committee

Richard Collier, Senior Tax Advisor, OECD

Amy Roberti, Director, US Federal Government Relations Leader and Global Tax Policy, Proctor and Gamble

Katherine Amos, Vice President, Global Transfer Pricing and Tax Disputes, Johnson & Johnson

Michael Devereux, Director of the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation

Sophie Chatel,  Head of the Tax Treaty Unit, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD

John Vella, Associate Professor of Law, University of Oxford and Assistant Director of the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation

James Hines, Richard A. Musgrave Collegiate Professor of Economics and L. Hart Wright Collegiate Professor of Law, University of Michigan

Achim Pross, Head of the International Co-operation and Tax Administration Division, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD

Itai Grinberg, Professor of Law, Georgetown University

Johanna Hey, Director of the Institute of Tax Law, University of Cologne

Li Liu, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

Giorgia Maffini, Tax Policy and Transfer Pricing Unit, PwC