Brexit strategies and scenario planning - What might organisations need to consider?

The UK referendum result on Brexit has provided us with only one certainty: uncertainty.

To succeed, organisations need to be comfortable operating in a highly unpredictable environment, at least in the short term. Those with the most robust organisational strategies will be best placed to successfully manage these ‘uncharted waters’. 

In this webinar, Oxford Scenarios Programme Director and Senior Fellow in Strategy, Dr Rafael Ramirez and Associate Fellows Dr Cynthia Selin and Dr Trudi Lang consider the key issues and conundrums that should be included in successful Brexit scenario planning for UK, European and global organisations, including:

  • How protracted might the uncertainty be?
  • Will Brexit really happen?
  • How might others see the UK? As a courageous democracy or as a mess?
  • What might happen to trade agreements?
  • How might migration unfold?
  • Is Brexit a one-off or the beginning of a major recomposition across the EU?
  • Will the Schengen agreement persist?

Brexit strategies and scenario planning