Professor Baruch Fischhoff

Bounding and bounding disciplines: Clarendon Lecture 3

Clarendon Lectures in Management 2023

Bonding communities: an empowering future for satisficing science

In this third and final lecture in the Clarendon Lectures series 2023, Professor Baruch Fischhoff focuses in detail on how to achieve mutually respectful and effective collaborations between disciplinary scientists, substantive experts, and decision makers in order to solve complex problems.

He argues that publishing requirements and increasing specialisation make it difficult for academics to look beyond their own disciplines or connect with external stakeholders, and calls for new ways to understand the shared problems that we need to address, a broader educational base for junior researchers, and forward-looking leadership in institutions.

Fischhoff shares a wide range of examples of projects that have succeeded – and failed – and offers a ‘theory of change’ for a science that serves and is served by society.  He considers who is at the table, when they are seated, and what standing they have – when problems are defined, analysed, and addressed. 


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