Encounters Nicola Green

Art at Oxford Saïd Curator led tours

Nicola Green: A witness to power

From President Obama to Archbishop Desmond Tutu: artist Nicola Green explores how power, leadership and art intersect

A Witness to Power, a retrospective exhibition of works by the artist and social historian Nicola Green will be displayed at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford from the 9 October to the 20 December 2019. There is also an additional tour on Saturday 23 November at 12pm.

Curated for the School by Lizzie Collins of the Zuleika Gallery in association with Hollandridge Group, the exhibition encompasses over fifty works, and brings together two of Green’s critically acclaimed series for the first time: In Seven Days… (2010) and Encounters (2018)

When creating these two bodies of work the artist gained remarkable access to both President Barack Obama and the world’s most pre-eminent religious leaders including Pope Francis, The Archbishop of Canterbury and Desmond Tutu. 

A Witness to Power raises important questions about identity and the perception of difference; to inspire others with this story of cross-cultural dialogue.