Art at Oxford Saïd

Our art exhibitions and events aim to delight and inspire students, faculty and the wider community and to create an active dialogue between business and art.  Art is being placed around the building to integrate with the architecture and the lives of the students and the wider school community. 

The works have been selected thematically and also aesthetically to complement the space, bearing in mind that the school is a working building and not a gallery. 

We are very grateful to those who have loaned work to the exhibition - the Arts Council Collection, the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust, The Alan Cristea Gallery and Zuleika Gallery. 

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We regret to inform you that due to the temporary suspension of our on-campus teaching during this uncertain period, we have taken the decision to cancel the remaining tours.


Threads of change

An exhibition of works by Alice Kettle, Professor at Manchester School of Art and President of the Embroiderers’ Guild, will be displayed at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford from the 24 January to the 17 April 2019.  

The exhibition showcases Alice's unique practice: textile works bringing together the use of antique machines with hand stitch and contemporary digital technology. Amongst the works are a new series of portraits which are communally stitched work, co-created with women from Pakistan.

  • Alice Kettle with artwork

Past exhibitions

Nicola Green with Dean Peter Tufano

A witness to power - Nicola Green

A retrospective exhibition of works by the artist and social historian Nicola Green encompassed over fifty works, and brought together two of Green’s critically acclaimed series for the first time: In Seven Days… (2010) and Encounters (2018).

Nigel Hall and Manijeh Yadegar- Significant Others

Nigel Hall

Nigel Hall, Royal Academician, 'Significant Others'

An exhibition of work by Nigel Hall Royal Academician and his late partner Manijeh Yadegar, who lived and worked together for over 40 years.

This exhibition explored the intellectual and artistic dialogue between the two artists, a sculptor and a painter respectively, whose practices are dedicated to abstraction and minimalism. The couple exhibited on several occasions during Yadegar’s lifetime however this exhibition was the first since her passing.

Julian Wild - Janus

Julian Wild red metal sculpture

Jan - April 2019

This exhibition was named after Janus, the two-faced Roman god of beginnings, transitions and endings, who was understood to be able to see the past and the future simultaneously, a perspective that gave him a unique insight into the present.

Wild exhibited some of his earlier large-scale sculptures which explored the disorder of organic growth patterns through angular welded and painted steel, a material more commonly associated with urban architecture.

He also shared some of his new and recent works that continue to play with these juxtapositions and contradictions; architectonic and organic, order and disorder, stoic and emotional, regression and progression.

Anthony Dawton & Jim McFarlane -Contrasting Arabia

Zaatari, refugee child

Sep - Dec 2018

This exhibition was a contemporary photographic and film journey through the Zaatari Refugee Camp, the largest refugee camp in the world.

Their photographs were displayed alongside a film Hotel Zaatari by Mais Salman and Zaid Baqaeen.


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