Adam Smith Workshop 2023

About the event

Presenting research in the area of financial economics.

The workshop will consider papers in all areas of finance, including asset pricing, behavioural finance, corporate finance, financial intermediation, household finance, and international finance.

Papers will be presented in two parallel streams, asset pricing and corporate finance.

There will also be one joint session with papers that study topics related to both asset pricing and corporate finance.

The full programme will be uploaded shortly. The following papers will be presented:

Asset pricing:

  • J.H. van Binsbergen, S. Bryzgalova, M. Muckhopadhyay, V. Sharma, (Almost) 200 years of news-based economics sentiment
  • M. Dahlquist, C. Heyerdahl-Larsen, A. Pavlova, J. Penasse, International capital markets and wealth transfers
  • J. Bena, A. Fisher, J. Knesl, J. Vahl, Pricing technological innovators: patent intensity and life-cycle dynamics
  • V. Elenev, T. Landvoigt, The equity premium with undiversified investors and financial frictions
  • D. Berger, K. Milbradt, F. Tourre, J. Vavra, Refinancing frictions, mortgage pricing and redistribution
  • S. Kogan, I. Makarov, M. Niessner, A. Schoar, Are cryptos different? Evidence from retail trading
  • Z. Jiang, H. Liu, C. Peng, H. Yan, Investor memory and biased beliefs
  • Y. Li, S. Sokolinski, A. Tamoni, Which investors drive anomaly returns and how?
  • H. Jiang, D. Vayanos, L. Zheng, Passive investing and the rise of mega-firms

Corporate finance:

  • P. Bond, D. Levit, ESG: A panacea for market power?
  • E. Pikulina, D. Ferreira, Subtle discrimination
  • M. V. Hampole, Financial frictions and human capital investments
  • A. Hubert de Fraisse, The term structure of interest rates and the duration of corporate investments
  • M. Jansen, F. Nagel, C. Yannelis, A. L. Zhang, Data and welfare in credit markets
  • S. Fiorin, J. Hall, M. Kanz, How do borrowers respond to a debt moratorium? Experimental evidence from consumer loans in India
  • D. Levit, N. Malenko, E. Maug, The voting premium
  • G. Barone, F. Schivardi, E. Sette, Interlocking directorates and competition in banking
  • M. Schmalz, J. Xie, Do corporations maximize their own value?

Registration deadline

  • The registration deadline has been extended to Monday 3 April 2023 (midnight GMT). Please note that space is limited and registration is on a first-come basis.
  • There is limited funding available for presenters and discussants for travel and accommodation costs.
  • Attendees may take advantage of a limited amount of discounted accommodation at the Courtyard Marriot hotel in Oxford. A link will be issued upon registration.
  • Please confirm attendance at the conference dinner when registering. 

Programme committees

Asset pricing

Co-chairs: Pedro Bordalo (Saïd Business School), Hugues Langlois (HEC), Raman Uppal (EDHEC and CEPR), Irina Zviadadze (HEC Paris and CEPR).

Members: Frederico Below (INSEAD and CEPR), Harjoat Bhamra (Imperial College and CEPR), Svetlana Bryzgalova (LBS), Adrian Buss (INSEAD, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and CEPR), Laurent Calvet (EDHEC and CEPR), Christian Julliard (LSE), Marcin Kacperczyk (Imperial College and CEPR), Howard Kung (LBS and CEPR), Dong Lou (LSE and CEPR).

Corporate finance

Co-chairs: Johan Hombert (HEC Paris) and Martin Schmalz (Saïd Business School and CEPR).

Members: Claire Célérier (University of Toronto and CEPR), Claudia Custodio (Imperial College and CEPR), Olivier Dessaint (INSEAD and CEPR), Mariassunta Giannetti (SSE and CEPR), Xavier Giroud (Columbia and CEPR), Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe (LSE and CEPR), Dirk Jenter (LSE and CEPR), Peter Koudijs (Erasmus and CEPR), Augustin Landier (HEC Paris and CEPR), Steven Ongena (University of Zurich, SFI and CEPR), Marco Pagano (Federico II and CEPR), Jörg Rocholl (ESMT and CEPR), David Thesmar (MIT and CEPR), Victoria Vanasco (CREI and CEPR)

Local Committee: Seung Joo Lee (Saïd Business School), Jiri Knesl (Saïd Business School), Mungo Wilson (Saïd Business School). 

The Adam Smith Workshop is a regular event organised jointly by the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), EDHEC Business School, HEC Paris, Imperial College Business School, INSEAD, London Business School, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Saïd Business School (University of Oxford).