Dean's Response Fund

An introduction to Dean's Response Fund 2020


Support the next generation of leaders to 'build forward' following the impact of Covid-19 by donating today.

The Dean’s Response Fund was created in June 2020 to fund three vital activities.

  1. Creating a Service Corps: paid internships for MBA students to help organisations respond to the crisis and build better for the future
  2. Supporting student entrepreneurs: helping them develop the ventures we need through The Oxford Foundry
  3. Offering more scholarships to strengthen our talented and diverse student body and develop the leaders of the future

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the weaknesses in the global economy with devastating consequences for many businesses, individuals, and societies.

We need to reach out across sectors and countries to strengthen systems, and restore jobs and livelihoods. This calls for innovative thinking and decisive action now. Longer-term, we have to develop purposeful, resilient leaders who can learn the lessons of this crisis and build forward to create an economy and a society that is more equal, inclusive, and sustainable than before.

At the same time, the Higher Education sector itself has been hit hard by the crisis. While we have been delighted to welcome our new MBA students to Oxford this October, we are all aware that we and they are dealing with a learning environment in a state of flux. We are committed to addressing these challenges and we need your support. 

In particular, we encourage you to join our Regular Giving Programme and make an ongoing contribution either monthly, quarterly or yearly. A regular gift will allow us to plan ahead and develop long-term programmes that support all our efforts to create a more just and sustainable world.

As a start-up born out of the GOTO experience at Oxford Saïd, it was great to provide roles to the students of the School, and have them do critical work we needed. They made a substantial impact on our small company trying to do good in our world.

Meir Wachs

CEO, Routemasters

Service Corps


The Oxford Saïd Service Corps has already supported many MBA students with a living stipend while they undertook internships and consulting projects in organisations needing help following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has proved to be an important initiative that we are determined to continue. Students enrich their knowledge and gain practical experience as they apply what they have learnt on the MBA programme to help organisations respond to the crisis and rebuild the world better. In particular, members of the Service Corps work with non-profits, international organisations, and early-stage companies – organisations that typically cannot afford to compensate their interns, but that are playing a major part in the Covid-19 recovery.

How you can help

  • Make a donation to the Dean's Response Fund. The fund ensures that students are paid a living wage while undertaking internships or consulting projects as part of the Corps.
  • Spread the word and connect us to potential employers and potential funders of the scheme. Contact us if your organisation would like to get involved through partnerships, direct sponsorship, or through providing your own paid internships.

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Service Corps

If it weren't for the Oxford Saïd Service Corps many students, myself included, would not have gained first-hand experience in working for purpose-driven companies including NGOs, impact funds, and startups. I am proud of our work together.

Vera Argyle

MBA 2020

The Foundry


Entrepreneurship has always been a core element of what we do at the School. An immediate and instinctive part of our students’, and those from across the University’s, response to Covid-19 was to look for new solutions and new ventures they could work with, both to address the impacts of the virus itself, and to support future economic and societal recovery from the pandemic.

17 OXFO ventures are critically responding to the pandemic and are being supported through the Foundry’s Covid-19 Action Plan. They include 13 ventures from the Foundry’s L.E.V8 accelerator portfolio – nearly half - and four from the OXFO Covid-19 Rapid Solutions Builder.

The Oxford Foundry, entrepreneurship centre, at the University of Oxford supports all 24,000 students, as well as all alumni with resources, networks and opportunities to build and scale commercial, ethical ventures. There is very high demand from students and alumni eager to collaborate, learn, build and create new ventures. They need support.

How you can help

  • Make a donation to the Dean’s Response Fund. This will help The Foundry to offer more advice, mentorship, and programmes to students across the University and to build sustainable, ethical ventures that positively impact society.
  • Get involved with the Foundry as a mentor or adviser, or partner with a group of students to test or expand their ideas.


Dean's response fund

Scholarships are always an important means of attracting the best students and ensuring that no one who could benefit from an Oxford Saïd education is prevented from doing so by a lack of means. They are even more important now. Organisations across the world need talented, compassionate, purpose-driven people to work for them and collaborate on restarting and strengthening business and society. We want to create new scholarships that will bring these people, especially those from currently under-represented groups and parts of the world, to strengthen the Oxford student body and create a positive impact as we recover from the pandemic.   

How you can help

  • Make a donation to the Dean's Response Fund. The Fund will finance new scholarships designed to educate the leaders we need in a post-Covid-19 future.
  • Talk to us about funding or endowing a scholarship in your name or to target particular groups who matter to you.


I have applied what I learnt at Oxford Said into the real world and it has made a huge difference to my career. It is an absolute honour to provide the same opportunity to young Nigerians through the Oxford-Grace Lake scholarship scheme.

Ladi Delano

Chief Executive Officer of Grace Lake Partners

Disclaimer: Please note that some discretional funding from the Dean’s Response Fund will be used for emergency hardship funds to support students.