Uganda: Cybersecurity Capacity Review 2015

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Uganda: Cybersecurity Capacity Review 2015

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This report presents the results of a review in June 2015 of the state of cybersecurity capacity in Uganda. It was premised on the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre’s Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model (CMM) for nations and supported by The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO), and hosted by the Ugandan Ministry of ICT and National Guidance and the Country’s National Information Technology Authority (NITA). The report, which follows the structure of the other reports produced by the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (e.g. UK, Senegal and Bhutan), was submitted to NITA, included both an analysis of the state of maturity cybersecurity capacity and more than 20 recommendations that aim to enable the Ugandan government to determine the areas of capacity the country might strategically invest in to improve its cybersecurity posture.

The analysis showed that cybersecurity capacity in Uganda exhibits a start-up and formative stage of maturity in most of the factors that constitute the dimensions – with many indicators already showing progress towards reaching the next stage.

Some of the recommendations of the report comprise: develop a National Cybersecurity Strategy; strengthen the formal coordination regarding Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and information sharing between public and private sector; develop an awareness programme to cover various target groups and link the programme to the national cybersecurity strategy development; engrain information security training and education through all stages of education; strengthen investigation capacity for computer-related crimes and develop a responsible disclosure policy; promote the adoption of international standards within the public sector, and establish cooperation between academia and research & development (R&D) industry to strengthen the software-engineering competencies of domestic ICT companies.

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