Smart and Safe: Risk Reduction in Tomorrow’s Cities


Smart and Safe: Risk Reduction in Tomorrow’s Cities

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The EastWest Institute (EWI) released a new report: Smart and Safe: Risk Reduction in Tomorrow’s Cities—designed to provide guidance for executives and administrators, to make tomorrow’s Smart Cities secure and safe by managing technology effectively.​

“The rapid evolution of Smart Cities is both exciting and daunting due to the incredible pace of technological change and adoption,” noted Bruce McConnell, EWI Global Vice President, who heads the institute’s Global Cooperation in Cyberspace program, and co-author of the report. “This guide was developed to recognize and support all key stakeholders involved—municipalities, governments, urban planners, businesses and community leaders—to help them safeguard Smart Cities for the future.”​

The guide will help to identify and describe city-wide challenges and provide recommended actions across four major areas:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cyber Resilience
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Collaboration and Coordination in Governance

Click here for the full report.