Kosovo: Cybersecurity Capacity Review 2015

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Kosovo: Cybersecurity Capacity Review 2015

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Through a Collaboration Agreement with The World Bank, The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre has facilitated a self-assessment of cybersecurity capacity in the Republic of Kosovo (Kosovo). The objective of the self-assessment is to enable Kosovo to determine the areas of capacity the country might strategically invest in to become more cyber secure. During February 9th-11th 2015, stakeholders from various sectors participated in a three-day consultation to evaluate cybersecurity capacity in Kosovo.

The consultations  were  premised  on  the  Centre’s Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model which is composed of five distinct areas of Cybersecurity Capacity, a) Cybersecurity policy and strategy; b) Cyber culture and society; c) Cybersecurity education, training and skills; d) Legal and regulatory frameworks; e) Standards, organisations, and technologies.

There  are  multiple  factors  in  each  dimension,  which  describe  what  it  means  to  possess cybersecurity capacity. In each factor, there are indicators, which describe the five levels of maturity, whereby the lowest stage implies a rather ad-hoc level of capacity and the highest stage  both  a  strategic  approach  and  an  ability  to  dynamically  adapt  or  change  against environmental considerations.

Following the self-assessment in Kosovo, results are being displayed in the report, including recommendations on the next  steps to  be  taken  into consideration by the Government of Kosovo.