ICT4Peace - A Role for Civil Society?


ICT4Peace - A Role for Civil Society?

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Erwin Dotzauer

ICT4Peace - A role for civil society? ICTs, norms and confidence building measures in the context of international security.

Civil society engagement on international governance and security matters is not new and there are scores of examples of areas in which states have accommodated such engagement. Cyber security should not be an exception. Moreover, it is an area that by its very nature and the broad range of normative concerns involved, calls for much deeper civil society engagement than experienced in other areas. If approached effectively and coherently, such engagement - ICT4Peace argue - can afford greater legitimacy and sustainability to on-going multi-lateral norms and CBM processes concerning international security and state uses of ICTs. It can also help ensure that broader normative concerns are attended to, and that the right technical expertise is leveraged when solutions are being sought. Combined, the latter can help build trust between states, and between states and society.

They have divided the paper into three sections: the first provides a short overview of the current context; the second discusses why civil society is important to furthering norms and confidence building measures regarding the use of ICTs in the context of international and regional security; and the third tables some suggestions for civil society engagement under three headings: i) engaging effectively; ii) fostering transparency and accountability; and iii) deepening knowledge.

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