Global Cybersecurity Center for Development (GCCD)


Global Cybersecurity Center for Development (GCCD)

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Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)


Target countries / regions:



Target groups:

Cybersecurity experts and officials in the developing countries


Thematic focus:

Cybersecurity capacity building



The GCCD aims to improve the level of cybersecurity and economic growth of developing nations by creating programs for cybersecurity strategies and policy development, sharing knowledge and experiences, and strengthening cybersecurity capacity.



Capacity Building

  • Provide an invitation-based training course
  • Host a joint seminar in local countries
  • Take a cybersecurity capacity maturity assessment and provide trainings accordingly
  • Provide an online hands-on training for cyber defense


  • Provide cybersecurity managerial consultation
  • Provide a cybersecurity technical assessment


  • Expand a partnership with international organizations, global institutes and etc.
  • Host global conferences and forums


Outcome / impact:

Overall outcome: In an effort to bring cooperation and knowledge sharing to a global level, the GCCD delivers a series of programs.

  • (September 2015) 20 officials from 13 different countries were trained to attend ‘National Cybersecurity Policy Training Course’ in Korea.
  • (November 2015) Joint Seminars in Costa Rica, Peru, Mongolia, India and Vietnam were held with individually customised topics.


Start date:

June 2015





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