GCHQ - Cybersecurity Guidance for Business


GCHQ - Cybersecurity Guidance for Business

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Cyber security guidance for business

Advice from security and intelligence experts across UK’s government about how to prevent most cyber (information techology) attacks.

These publications provide advice on how companies can safeguard their most valuable assets from cyber-attacks. There are 3 publications:

1. Cyber risk management: a board level responsibility

This publication explains the benefits of cyber risk management to senior executives. It covers important information assets, supporting strategic risk discussions and helping businesses to have the right safeguards and cultures in place.

2. 10 Steps to cyber security: executive companion

This publication discusses cyber security as one of the biggest challenges for business and the UK economy. It offers guidance for business on how to make the UK’s networks more resilient and protect key information assets against cyber threats. It covers risk management and corporate governance and includes case studies based on real events

3. 10 steps to cyber security: advice sheets

This publication provides detailed cyber security information and advice in 10 important technical and process/cultural areas. It aims to help businesses prevent or deter most cyber attacks.