FIRST: Education Program and Services Frameworks


FIRST: Education Program and Services Frameworks

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Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST)

Target countries / regions:


Target group(s):

(National) Incident Response Teams; CSIRT; PSIRT; SIRR

Thematic focus:

Incident Response, professional training


The Frameworks are to assist organisations in building, maintaining, and growing capabilities of their CSIRT or PSIRTs. The frameworks are a guide and identify various models, capabilities, services and outcomes. In this way, teams are free to implement their own model and to build capabilities that meet their Stakeholder’s unique needs. The Frameworks seek to assist SIRTs by identifying core responsibilities, providing guidance on how to build capabilities to meet those responsibilities and offering insights on how SIRT teams can add and communicate value to their larger organizations.

Aims / objectives:

Contribute to technical discussions which add to the wider Internet Governance debates


  • Development of CSIRT and PSIRT Services Framework
    • Details all services typically offered by CSIRT;
    • Offers a roadmap and guide for CSIRT as they expand capability
  • Development of training for individual services
    • CSIRT Fundamentals, Incident Coordination, Information Sources
    • All materials are Creative Commons licensed and available for free
  • Delivery of training with partners and at events
    • Roster of trainer-practitioners

Outcome / impact:

  • Currently the CSIRT Services Framework (PDF) is available at version 1.1 and the PSIRT Services Framework (PDF) at a draft version 1.0.
  • Development of basic training materials, a Fusion course and course material
  • Development of a platform for online courses



Contact details:

FIRST, via the FIRST secretariat at or Serge Droz, Director, Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST),

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