Cyprus: Cybersecurity Capacity Review 2017

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Cyprus: Cybersecurity Capacity Review 2017

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The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC’) undertook a review of the maturity of cybersecurity capacity in Cyprus in 2017, hosted by the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications & Postal Regulation (OCECPR). The objective of the review was to enable the country to gain an understanding of its cybersecurity capacity in order to consolidate the revision of the country’s national cybersecurity strategy. This revision aims to mirror the requirements of the EU NIS Directive which entered into force in August 2016, requiring Member States to transpose the Directive into national laws within 21 months of its publication.

The CMM review revealed that Cyprus is on established stages of maturity in some areas of national cybersecurity capacity. The country has commenced the process of developing different aspects of cybersecurity capacity across all dimensions, including through developing educational programmes and cybersecurity training offerings. Therefore, Cyprus is reportedly moving into a strategic level of maturity. However, there were also areas where only some aspects of cybersecurity were existent or ad-hoc, disorganized, poorly defined or simply new, such as cyber security mind-set, user understanding of personal information protection online, reporting mechanisms, framework for education and professional training, and cybersecurity marketplace, among others.

The authors suggested if efforts in different organisations and sectors can be linked and coordinated, alongside the establishment of a comprehensive legal, strategic and operational framework for national cybersecurity, it will set the foundations for more advanced capacity in the future.

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