Cybercrime - Companies Should Understand Where It Thrives


Cybercrime - Companies Should Understand Where It Thrives

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This article by William J. Osborn and David M. Upton, member of the Capacity Centre's management board and Oxford Martin Fellow, was published in October in the Harvard Business Review.

As global cybercrime increases, governments and businesses are struggling to keep up with the threats they are facing. Because of the changing and innovative methods of attack being used against them, it is of the utmost importance that they constantly refine their knowledge of the particular enemies they face.

The purpose of the authors is to shed some light on the two biggest sources of cybercrime perpetrated by non-governmental agencies: Brazil and the former states of the Soviet Union. Drawing from these examples, they also hope to provide some advice on how to deal with the increasing number and variety of cybercriminal gangs.

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