CIRT Enhancement


CIRT Enhancement

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International Telecommunication Union (ITU)


ITU Oman Regional Cybersecurity Centre since 2013 and other partners depending on project

Target country:

193 UN Member states

Target groups:

Governmental institutions and through them relevant actors including technical community, law enforcement, private sector, citizens

Thematic focus:

Cybersecurity (technical)

Aims / objectives:

The review, planning, implementation & operation of enhanced features in a National CIRT.  


Planning, equipment and software procurement, installation & testing, staffing, HR training.

Outcome / impact:

An enhanced national CIRT with specialised proactive services, 1 National CIRT is being enhanced.


since 2015; ongoing on a demand basis 

Contact details:

Marco Obiso, Cybersecurity Coordinator,,
+41 22 730 6760

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