Budd:e Stay Smart Online


Budd:e Stay Smart Online

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Budd:e has been developed for Australian primary schools, for Years 3 and above. Budd:e provides education about the risks people take by going online, and the possible consequences of those risks.  It’s also education about the technical and behavioural measures we can all use, to help reduce our risk, and bolster online security — security for people, for internet devices, and for personal data.  

Budd:e (Primary) contains eight online learning activities, plus one offline activity. The instruction style is constructivist, so children will learn by doing.  They are required to make decisions, and may experiment with choices and consequences.  Progress through each activity is guided by prompts and feedback. Budd:e is also a reward system, an interactive tool that allows children to build and customise a ‘budd:e’ to personify good cybersecurity practice and online conduct.