Ahmed Husain, Managing Director with Reload IT Services L.L.C. in Middle East

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Ahmed Husain, Managing Director with Reload IT Services L.L.C. in Middle East

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The following set of questions document the expertise of organisations who are actively engaged in the various forms of cybersecurity capacity building. The experiences and lessons learned from these forerunners shall help the broader cybersecurity community to gain a better understanding of cyber capacity building.


Ahmed Husain, Managing Director with Reload IT Services L.L.C. in Middle East


Were you engaged in building the capacity of your own organisation to deal with cybersecurity, or were you involved in capacity building efforts on behalf of a third party?

Yes, we have built our own cloud based SOC and also assisted clients build their own on premise SOC.


Which particular area of cybersecurity capacity were you particularly focused on improving?

We focused on threat Intelligence to make prevention and response faster and effective.


What are the particular actions your organisation took to increase its capacity to deal with this cybersecurity problem?

Automated rule settings and response management based on threat intelligence feeds from trusted sources.


What effects did you hope to achieve in taking these particular actions? Are there any particular objectives, goals or priorities that were the intended outputs?

We wanted to narrow down the response and investigation to the higher impact incidents and to filter through them properly, we used the help of intelligence to prevent more and categorise incidents better.


What particular aspects of the project enabled your success? What worked well?

Quality of intelligence sources, the flexibility of the tools used to implement.


Where there specific barriers that inhibited progress toward achieving the desired ends?

Capabilities on dealing with threat data and tool set flexibility in interpretation of threats.


Having gained this experience is there anything that you would do differently in the future in similar capacity building activities?

Finding the swee spot between using ready built tool and building from scratch. Usually a combination of the two works the best.


Were there any unexpected results that emerged from your capacity building efforts?

Threat data is reliable on sensors distributed worldwide. Coverage needs to be increased in the coming years.


Did attempting to increase capacity in this particular area have any unexpected consequences for other aspects of capacity or business processes?

In terms of capacity, it eliminated wasting expensive resources time and make their work more interesting and focused, hence better retention of staff and cost savings.
Business process was changed to accommodate the technological changes into more efficient ones.


How did you evaluate success or performance of your capacity building?

We have tested our approach in live environments and have yielded astounding success.