About the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre


About the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre

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What are we doing?

Our aim is to understand how to deliver effective cybersecurity both within the UK and internationally. We will make this knowledge available to governments, communities and organisations to underpin the increase of their capacity in ways appropriate to ensuring a cyber space which can continue to grow and innovate in support of well-being, human rights and prosperity for all.

The Centre researches and understands the nuances of capacity across five research dimensions: devising cyber policy and cyber defence, encouraging responsible cyber culture within society, building cyber skills into the workforce and leadership, creating effective legal and regulatory frameworks, organisations, technologies and standards

The research will help the international community increase the impact, scale and pace of cybersecurity capacity-building by:

  • Investigating the drivers for current capacity-building activities and the conditions required to increase resources
  • Providing the scientific framework to enable individuals and institutions to measure and understand effective cybersecurity, providing an evidence base and model for supporting benchmarking, policy formation, and measuring effectiveness
  • Pooling, evaluating and sharing information on best practice and experiences in capacity-building activities
  • Creating and keeping up to date a critical guide to global expertise on cybersecurity
  • Setting out what needs to be done in order to analyse priorities, and identify and close gaps in the global response

The work of the Centre is focused on developing a framework for understanding what works, what doesn’t work and why – across all areas of cybersecurity capacity. This is important so that governments and enterprises can adopt policies and make investments that have the potential to significantly enhance safety and security in cyberspace, while also respecting other core values and interests, such as privacy and freedom of expression.


Why is it important?

Worldwide, actors at all levels, from individuals to nation states, need to ensure that cyber space and the systems dependent on it are resilient to attack, in the face of constant growth in the scale and complexity of our networks, and enormous volumes of data and applications. Cyber space and our assets within it need to be protected to ensure that critical digital infrastructures and services can operate effectively now and in the future.

Funded by the UK Government we are working with a wide range of global partners, including Governments, international organisations and the private sector. The Centre will ensure that this knowledge becomes a global resource.


How we are governed

The technical direction for the Centre is set by its Technical Board – which consists of the Director and the dimension Chairs, with representation by core administration as needed. Please see our People page for more information. The University of Oxford core staff oversee operations with the Director being responsible for overall programme technical management on a day-to-day basis.

The Centre is hosted within the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford, which is accountable to a Management Committee with executive responsibility for managing overall strategy. It also benefits from the established Advisory Council of the School.

A joint project Board consisting of representatives of the UK FCO (our funders) and the Capacity Centre exists primarily to monitor the progress the Centre in terms of delivery, management of risks and budgets but also to serve as a sounding board for the Centre on policy, international and strategic issues.

The Centre’s working groups provide thought-leadership to support its goals. This happens through two channels: within the focus of a particular working group, and across the interface with all dimensions. The role of a working group member is to contribute based on their individual expertise, and members are invited to join the working group in a personal capacity. The Centre does not provide fees or honoraria to working group members.


More information

More detail on the research of the centre can be viewed in our brochure (attached to this post) or at our website here:


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