7th e-Crime and Cybersecurity Benelux Summit


7th e-Crime and Cybersecurity Benelux Summit

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6 December, 2017

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“The interconnected world offers unprecedented opportunities to criminals, terrorists, and hostile states. We must be better prepared for whatever the future holds,” Sir Julian King, EU Security Commissioner

“The new [cybersecurity hub in Luxembourg] will help to strengthen the … in the information technology sector and communication,”
Francine Closener, Secretary of State for the Economy, Luxembourg

The “massive and co-ordinated” hack on the election campaign of Emmanuel Macron, the Dutch decision to count votes by hand to prevent cyber-interference, the DDoS attack that rendered 100 state web servers useless via an attack on Luxembourg’s state-owned IT operator CTIE, the successful WannaCry attack that put its ransom demands on Deutsche Bahn screen in stations throughout Germany  – all these and many more put Europe at the heart of the global cyber battle.

Brussels itself has seen a 20 per cent rise in “more and more dangerous” cyber attacks on EU servers in the past year and the EU commission aims to embed cybersecurity in future policy, especially with regard to new technologies such as connected cars, smart grids and the Internet of Things (loT).

The increasing sophistication and targeting of attacks is placing more strain on security architectures. Evolving compliance requirements complicate the systems required. And it is hard for in-house teams to step back from day-to-day operations and to see if there are better ways to what has been done in the past.
CISOs need help picking the right priorities and the right solutions. They face the industrialization of cyber-crime, fraud and theft, the need to support the digital transformation of companies’ underlying business and maintain customer convenience and the bewildering variety of vendors and security products.

And to secure budget they need to be able to demonstrate a measurable business case to the board.
The 7th e-Crime & Cybersecurity Benelux will cover these and other key subjects for its audience of professionals tasked with safeguarding digital assets and sensitive data. There will be case studies, strategic talks and technical break-out sessions from security teams behind some of the world’s most admired brands, who know, just like you, that security is now critical to business success.

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