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About Saïd Business School

Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford blends the best of new and old. We are a vibrant and innovative business school, but yet deeply embedded in an 800 year old world-class university. We create programmes and ideas that have global impact.  We educate people for successful business careers, and as a community seek to tackle world-scale problems. We deliver cutting-edge programmes and ground-breaking research that transform individuals, organisations, business practice, and society. We seek to be a world-class business school community, embedded in a world-class University, tackling world-scale problems.

In the Financial Times European Business School ranking (Dec 2015) Saïd is ranked 10th. It is ranked 10th worldwide in the FT’s combined ranking of Executive Education programmes (May 2016) and 28th in the world in the FT ranking of MBA programmes (Jan 2016). The MBA is ranked 6th in Businessweek’s full time MBA ranking outside the USA (Oct 2015) and is ranked 7th among the top non-US Business Schools by Forbes magazine (Sep 2015). The Executive MBA is ranked 2nd worldwide in the Economist’s Executive MBA ranking (Sep 2015) and 9th worldwide in the FT’s ranking of EMBAs (Oct 2015). The Oxford MSc in Financial Economics is ranked 11th in the world in the FT ranking of pre-experience Masters in Finance programmes (Jun 2016). In the UK university league tables it is ranked first of all UK universities for undergraduate business and management in The Guardian (Jun 2016). For more information, see

About Executive Education at Saïd Business School

Executive Education at Saïd Business School draws on the entire resource base of Oxford University, as well as the Business School, to offer executive development that both inspires individuals and creates significant business impact. Individuals and organisations alike benefit from the challenge of working with its leading experts to mine rich insights into the complex realities of global management, and to envisage and anticipate the future. Noted for its outstanding programme design, Saïd Business School’s Executive Education programmes for clients such as the Government of Abu Dhabi, Telefonica, Bank of China, UK National Health Service, Sainsbury’s, State Farm Insurance and Standard Chartered lead to lasting change at both the organisational and individual level. And with a fast-growing, forward-looking open portfolio of pioneering leadership and practitioner programmes, such as The Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme, Diploma in Financial Strategy, and The Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, it works to support and inspire the business leaders of today and tomorrow. In the Financial Times ranking of Executive Education, Saïd is ranked 9th in the world for Combined Programmes (May 2016). For more information, see:

The Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation

The Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation, established in January 2008, is an independent research centre which aims to promote a better understanding of the way in which the reputation of corporations and institutions around the world are created, sustained, enhanced, destroyed and rehabilitated.

The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship exists to advance the field of social entrepreneurship through world-class education, through knowledge creation, and through brokering new and empowering connections.

The Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance

The Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance (OMI) is the home of  interdisciplinary research into quantitative aspects of finance at the University of Oxford.

The Centre for Professional Service Firms

Based at Oxford University's Saïd Business School, the Centre for Professional Service Firms is a hub for academic research into professional service firms. The Centre brings together academics, practitioners and policy makers with an interest in the professions, professionals and professional service firms. The members of the Centre include some of the world's foremost thinkers in this field, and their work has been published in leading international journals, as well as prize winning monographs. They bring their expertise to several of the Executive Education programmes on which they teach at the Saïd Business School.

The Oxford Institute of Retail Management

The Oxford Institute of Retail Management combines industry knowledge with analytical rigour and objectivity. Established in 1985, the Institute has worked for over 25 years to relate sound scholarship to the practical needs of retailers, service companies and public sector agencies.

CABDyN Complexity Centre

CABDyN stands for Complex Agent-Based Dynamic Networks, and reflects our shared interest in network dynamics and agent-based models of complex systems across a broad range of application domains.

The Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation

The Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation examines the approach to the taxation of business activities in the UK and evaluates the effects of the present structure of taxation on the business sector, the public finances, international competitiveness and the wider economy.