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Power Shift 2013: Women as Entrepreneurs

The inaugural Oxford Forum for Women in the World Economy, centred on the theme of “Women as Entrepreneurs”, took place on 20-21 May 2013. A select audience was assembled to discuss how best to support women as entrepreneurs throughout the developed and developing worlds.

We invited keynote speakers to inspire the thinking, as well as global innovators to demonstrate what it is possible to achieve with imagination and hard work. Participating were experts who gather data on female entrepreneurs, as well as policy activists trying to enable new structures and channels. Charities and universities, as well as corporations and authors, were all represented on the agenda and guest list.

A combination of plenaries and smaller, more interactive sessions was supplemented by three “uniquely Oxford” events:

To find out more about the 2013 Forum please view the full Agenda, and for more detailed information about speakers and sessions you can download the Forum brochure. More information on the outcomes of the 2013 Forum can be found in Professor Linda Scott's blog post: Power Shift: Intentions and Resolutions.

We are grateful to our Partners for helping to make the 2013 Forum happen.