On-campus open programmes

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A range of programmes designed to help you at critical stages in your career and enable you to move to the next level.

CEOs, senior and high potential executives and entrepreneurs from around the world attend our programmes, providing opportunities to share experiences, learn from each other’s perspectives and open up a global network.

The Financial Times (FT) rankings currently place our open programmes first in the UK for the fourth year running, and second worldwide. Past participants recognised us for the quality of our faculty and teaching, alongside the new skills that ensured they achieved their aims from the programme.

'This badge of honour is a wonderful tribute to the performance of all our teams across the School, who work tirelessly to create an elite experience for every participant,' said Andrew White, Associate Dean for Executive Education and Corporate Relations.

FT Rankings 2018


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Good leadership is an elusive quality, but easy to recognise when we experience or see it. It is inspiring.

Our programmes bring leaders to Oxford from around the globe, from the smallest entrepreneurial enterprises and the largest international organisations. We believe that leadership does not begin and end with the CEO. Our programmes have been developed to support and empower new and fledgling leaders, as well as the most senior, to deliver outstanding results.


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Our faculty is a powerhouse of financial expertise, they conduct world class research and regularly advise corporations, public bodies and governments. We harness this thinking and practice, blending cutting edge research with real life application from finance industry leaders. From in-depth analysis of specialist subjects to a broader understanding of the role of finances in corporate decision-making. Our programmes also provide technical insight and powerful networking to enhance your expertise and achieve competitive advantage.


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We pioneer research between business and the wider world, playing a dynamic role in setting the future agenda in the business arena. From scenarios thinking to innovation and entrepreneurship, from human capital strategy to technology strategy, our programmes offer the focus for strategic conversations which will have real impact on organisational performance.


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Our programmes will equip you with the ability to deliver growth through disruptive opportunities underpinned by a data-driven, customer obsessed approach to developing strategies for the future.


Featured programme

Delivering Value Through Digital

Take a deep dive to understand what really matters to your business from a global perspective, and develop a purposeful, strategic approach to delivering value

Senior managers in organisations across industries and geographies face increasingly challenging decisions around their digital investments as opportunities such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Voice become more accessible and more familiar to customers.

This programme provides senior managers with the foundational understanding needed to make decisions surrounding digital opportunities that enhance the experience of their customers and deliver increased value across the organisational value chain.

Driven by cutting-edge insights from the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative and Melbourne Business School’s Centre for Business Analytics, the programme allows you to engage with the latest academic research supported by industry experts from some of the world’s leading organisations.

This collaborative approach will help you understand and lead effective digital transformation in your organisation from a global perspective, ultimately helping you to compete better in the market-place.

Find out more: Delivering Value Through Digital


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