Cutting-edge research is driving ideas and action at Oxford Saïd


Our 25th anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect, to celebrate our achievements, and consider what comes next. At Saïd Business School, we’re especially proud of our diverse, multi-disciplinary research community of over 80 faculty members who have produced a huge volume of outstanding research in the last 25 years.

We’re renowned worldwide for research on a wide range of subjects, and many of our faculty are field leaders that frequently engage with governments, global organisations, and the media, as well as lead businesses.

Since the School’s founding, philanthropic support has allowed us to invest in the frontiers of business research, propose innovative, evidence-based solutions, and to attract and retain top-class faculty members.

Early endowments of faculty posts came from Sir Peter Moores CBE DL, whose support created the Peter Moores Dean (most recently held by Peter Tufano and to be taken up by Soumitra Dutta in June), Peter Moores Professor of Finance (also held by Peter Tufano), Peter Moores Professor in Management Studies (most recently held by Colin Mayer) and Peter Moores Lectureship in Chinese Business Studies (held by Eric Thun), and from L'Oréal for the L'Oréal Chair in Marketing (held by Andrew Stephen). These positions, funded in perpetuity, provide a strong, secure base from which our faculty can innovate.

Further posts were facilitated by American Standard Companies for the Professor of Operations Management (held by Matthias Holweg), and by support from BT Global Services and P&O/DP World respectively to endow the BT Professor and Chair of Major Programme Management and the Dubai Ports World Professorship of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


'We live in an era of unprecedented challenge and disruption. Whether climate change, pandemics, or technological transformation, major programme managers are at the frontlines. BT's endowment of my post is an investment with unique returns in research and teaching as we address these challenges and equip managers to translate insights into societal impact at scale.'

Daniel Armanios, BT Professor and Chair of Major Programme Management


'Entrepreneurship at Oxford plays a key role in connecting the world of science and technology with the world of business. Through our entrepreneurship research, as well as our entrepreneurship initiatives, we are uniquely positioned to make a real contribution to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, both locally and globally.'

Thomas Hellman, DP World Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Endowed posts give the School stability, but philanthropic support has facilitated highly beneficial research fellowships too. Jane Sun, CEO of Group enabled the creation of the Jane Jie Sun Career Development Fellow in Women's Leadership, a post held by Dr Joana Probert. Dr Probert’s research focuses on how women reach the top of organisations, their leadership practices and how the behaviours of leaders are shaped by social, cognitive and emotional factors, such as identity, power and gender.

The benefaction of research at Oxford Saïd over the last 25 years, both from philanthropists and corporations, has enabled high quality, rigorous and meaningful research that leads change in business practice and public policy. The production of exceptional research and provision of quality business education is central to our primary purpose as a research organisation and teaching facility.

With philanthropic support, our faculty are able to develop solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, and advance and expand the thinking of the students that they educate.