The Oxford HIVE

The Oxford HIVE

Cutting-edge technology with a high-definition video wall

Virtual classroom

The UK's first immersive virtual meeting and presentation experience

Introducing the Oxford HIVE (Oxford Hub for International Virtual Education). Seamlessly connecting people across the world in a virtual learning experience.

How it works

  • Simultaneously connecting up to 84 participants from anywhere in the world at any one time.
  • Utilising technology that is as simple and intuitive to use as Skype and Zoom. 
  • Allows presenters to run polls, use a virtual whiteboard and/or share collaborative documents. Participants can also be split up into virtual breakout rooms. Our cutting-edge technology allows presenters to use the facility with no prior training.
  • Participants appear in HD quality on a large video wall allowing presenters to respond to visual cues from their audience in the same way they do in a real classroom. The in-room camera automatically follows the presenter, providing an even more naturalistic experience. Up to 7 people can be in the room presenting.

Possible uses

  • In-house training
  • Public lectures to a global audience
  • Presentations to boards and committees
  • Team meetings


  • Engaging and interactive for the participants
  • Increase engagement and interaction with attendees over traditional webinar methods
  • Reduce cost of travel, accommodation and carbon footprint
  • Connectivity across the world

The Oxford HIVE

The Oxford HIVE image


HIVE used for teaching


  • £1150 (+VAT) per half day
  • £1550 (+VAT) per day

Please note, subject to availability, there may be an additional cost for AV support.  Please contact the conference office for more information.