OXFO Covid-19 Action Plan


Provide urgent support to accelerate ventures and scale solutions to tackle Covid-19 and its impacts.

We are asking for your support to provide urgent grant funding to leverage Oxford’s talent to respond to the pandemic. The Action Plan covers four critical response areas: Healthcare, Education, Inclusive social engagement and mobility, and Operations, logistics and supply chains. The Oxford Foundry, Entrepreneurship Centre, University of Oxford, have repurposed 100% of the team's time to enable:

  1. The exponential scaling of Oxford Foundry ventures who have repositioned to help tackle Covid-19. Grant funding will help deploy talent, form key partnerships and support operations for 13 ready-to-implement ventures. Their work includes; a GP-to-patient remote platform, fever detection cameras, sensors to monitor NHS hospital bed availability, a communication platform for care home residents and families to keep in touch, a remote tutoring app for students, and much more.
  2. The OXFO Covid-19 Rapid Solutions Builder. Four new Oxford crowd-sourced, rapidly implementable solutions, selected by international judges, will be scaled. Solutions will focus on critical secondary and tertiary challenges arising from the pandemic including; mental health & wellbeing, trauma, financial inclusion, recreation of supply chains and education delivery.

Please join us in leveraging our multi-disciplinary talent to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you.

Support today

The Oxford Foundry and its impact-driven entrepreneurial initiatives are funded thanks to charitable donations.

The Foundry is committed to building a new generation of ventures and leaders. If you’d like to support the Foundry’s growth and work philanthropically, please do so through our giving page, including for US donors.  

NB Grant funding for OXFO Covid-19 Action Plan specifically will be given directly to early-stage ventures and solution teams, hence will not be eligible for the same tax relief. We thank you in advance for supporting these ventures and solutions during this critical time.  

Across the University, Oxford academics have been contributing to the global effort to tackle Covid-19. The University’s microsite provides information on the extraordinary research being undertaken.