Oxford Saïd Service Corps

Provide students the opportunity to support organisations addressing world-scale challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced unique challenges for our students and unparalleled opportunities for them to assist others.

Many students are not able to complete their planned internships due to the pandemic and are now experiencing unforeseen financial difficulty as well as an uncertain job market. 

There are also many non-profits, international organisations and small businesses seeking expertise in change management, finance and responsible business that do not have the means to support interns themselves. 

This is where the Oxford Saïd Service Corps (OSSC) can help. 

Dean's Response Fund

Students are acutely aware of the challenges posed to the world by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our cohort wants to help, however we’re not able to undertake internships without support. The OSSC gives us a chance to do our part and assist the recovery.

Jack Hanna

MBA 2020

How it works

Students working

Students will partner individually or in teams with organisations working to rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic; after a successful application to the Service Corps, the student will be granted a living-wage stipend to support their work, equivalent to £10.21 per hour for a minimum of 100 hours of work. 

Students who receive a stipend will make a commitment to the School and their partner organisation to fulfil the terms of the proposed project or internship. They will also be required to submit a final report to demonstrate the impact of their work and any lessons learned from the experience. 

COVID-19 has introduced overwhelming challenges to organisations, and we are keen to support an inclusive, sustainable, recovery. With OSSC, MBAs can support critical work while receiving a stipend to lessen financial hardship caused by the pandemic.

Omar El Enna

MBA 2020

Eligible partner organisations

  • Charities, foundations and trusts
  • Non-profit entities
  • International organisations
  • Impact investors
  • Small businesses 

How you can help

  • Make a donation to the Dean's Response FundThe fund will be used to pay a living wage to students who undertake internships or consulting projects as part of the Corps
  • Spread the word and connect us to potential employers and potential funders of the scheme.
  • Contact us if your organisation would like to get involved through partnerships, direct sponsorship, or through providing your own paid internships.