Why Oxford Saïd?

Our community

Students chat in courtyard

For over eight centuries, leaders from across the world, and from all spheres, have come to Oxford to study, to intellectually recharge, and to engage in important discussions. The remarkable community at the School continues this tradition.

Our community of academics, students, alumni, staff and friends is truly global and has representatives from all over the world and from different sectors. This makes the character of our community unique, with no single viewpoint or geography being dominant. We enrich our perspective and impact through the convening power of Oxford which brings heads of state, CEOs, Nobel laureates, brilliant young scholars, social entrepreneurs and senior policymakers, inventors and corporate recruiters and many more to Oxford.

The community in Oxford is everything you would expect of a world-class, outstanding business school: challenging yet collegial, thoughtful but ready for action, ambitious yet principled, rigorous yet fun, and very international. The biggest challenge at Oxford is making choices from the remarkable range of experiences offered by this extraordinary School and University every day. The biggest surprise of being a member of this community is the regular feeling of astonishment at whom you will meet, what you will learn and the opportunities that will come your way, whether as a student, faculty or an alumnus.

We develop people who can analyse complex problems, devise pragmatic solutions and implement them working as part of a team. This makes our alumni some of the most effective employees and leaders for the world’s foremost organisations.

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Our unique advantage

We are not just 'at' Oxford, but an integral part of Oxford University. Compared with other standalone business schools that are not part of a university, or one affiliated in name only, we are embedded within Oxford University. You will experience this often: when you are sitting at a College dinner next to someone who studies, for example, history and you are explaining business to them; in lectures, classes, or our online problem solving environment when you’re listening to, and engaging with, an expert in law, economics, sociology, international relations, politics or health.

Our embeddedness within the University of Oxford can be experienced both formally and informally. For example, many of our successful programmes are run with the University’s Economics and Law faculties. Another example is our Oxford 1+1 MBA programme which enables students to create a customised course of study that combines business with a second Oxford Masters programme such as environmental studies, education, or computer science.

Other connections with the University are less formal, such as the mixing that takes place among aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs from around the campus in our entrepreneurship hub, The Oxford Foundry, as well as the shared interests that come together through University societies or sports activities and college life.

The problems and opportunities facing business and society are large and complex, and by teaming up with functional specialists from around the University, gives us the unique opportunity to gain greater insights into issues such as the politics of global business, the regulation of the financial service sector, the rise of science entrepreneurship, and the management of innovation.

Our global impact


Successful business schools have to produce powerful ideas, deliver transformative education, and reach out to the broader world. Oxford’s unique history and position in the world enable us to do all three. The convening power of the University enables us to bring together leaders to address major topics at the interface of business, government and society.

Individually, our faculty and alumni are at the forefront of their fields and provide intellectual leadership not only for businesses, but also for institutions which have included the Financial Conduct Authority, Competition Authority, the European Commission, the European Corporate Governance Institute, the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Indian Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council, the UK’s Behavioural Insight Team, and the World Bank. Through these and many other connections, we aspire to be the most influential institution of our kind in the world.

True education is about transformation. Our degree programmes and short executive education programmes seek to transform individuals. Our research produces cutting-edge knowledge and changes the way leaders think and act. Our executive education programmes transform organisations as well as individuals, with immediate and powerful impact. Collectively, we aspire to improve the world in which we live.

Our focus on trends that will define the future, the organisations that will shape it, and their leaders, enables our School to uphold the centuries-old traditions of the University of Oxford.