Inspiring Women at Oxford Saïd 2019

A month-long campaign for #BalanceforBetter

Inspiring Women at Oxford Saïd

Balance for Better – A Shared Commitment

Oxford Saïd demonstrated its belief in the importance of achieving gender balance in business by celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March 2019, with a whole month of talks, exhibitions, discussions and other positive activities.

Every part of our School community was involved in the celebrations – from those organising events to those participating in them, attending them, sharing information, asking questions and discussing related topics late into the evenings. All contributed to raising the awareness of achieving a better gender balance in working environments.

Over the month, nearly 600 people attended the IWD events at Oxford Saïd, some joining more than one, and an unequivocal appetite shown by women to take better ownership of their careers with over 15,000 registered interest in downloading our Women Transforming Leadership online career reflection tool.

What Women Want? panel event

Video highlights from our month of Inspiring Women events.

Fandom, women and the Shakespearean theatre

Shakespeare performed

Professor Emma Smith spoke about women in Shakespeare's time – as characters in his plays, their absence from the stage, and their enjoyment of the theatre. 

What Women Want?

What Women Want? Exhibition

An exploration of 100 years of marketing to women

2018 was a special year for women in the UK, as it marked the centenary of the 1918 Suffrage, when many women were granted the vote for the first time.

Arguably, this marked the beginning of a new era in UK marketing; a time when women were treated as individuals, rather than represented by fathers or husbands, and seen as consumers in their own right.

This exhibition and corresponding event focused on how brands talk to women changed over the past 100 years through advertising.

Storytelling for Impact

Trapped documentary image

Two internationally acclaimed filmmakers, Dawn Porter and Lindsey Dryden, discussed how the power of film gives voice to the voiceless in an event organised by our student-led group, the Oxford Women's Leadership Alliance. 

Women on Boards: The Superheroes of Tomorrow?

Female superhero

Professor Renée B. Adams used her research into boardroom gender politics to demonstrate the role of research in developing informed gender balance policies.

Are women on boards really the business saviours we are told they are? Adams challenged the research studies that are typically used to justify policy interventions and targets for women on boards, arguing that female directors are being appointed for all the wrong reasons.