Season one

Episode guide

Introduction with Dean Peter Tufano

Guest: Peter Tufano

How can an institution that is over 900 years old teach its students about the future? We speak to Peter Tufano, Dean of Oxford's Saïd Business School.

Future of work

Guests: Google Chief Economist Hal Varian and Professor Jonathan Trevor

AI’s effect on the labour force, who wins man or machine?

Hyperloop and the future of transport

Guest: Nick Earle

LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes? We dive into the high-tech future of transport with Nick Earle, VP at Virgin Hyperloop One.

Surviving in an AI world

Guest: Vivienne Ming

How do you future proof yourself from AI?

The Carbon Bubble part 1

Guest: Carter Powis

Housing bubble? What about a carbon bubble?

The Carbon Bubble part 2

Guest: Richard Barker

How do you account for carbon?

Future proofing banks

Guests: Steve Gotz, Alec Mclauren

How would you like to have your own personal banker? The traditional model of banks as a store of value and source of liquidity, and of bankers as trusted personal financial advisors, is under threat like never before.

How to make a trillion dollars

Guest: Michael Wigrizer

Can cryptocurrencies make the first trillionaire? Between September 2017 and January 2018 the price of bitcoin rocketed to around $13,000. One MBA student, Mike Wigrizer, was not only betting on bitcoin but also created his own cryptocurrency.

The team

The production team behind season one of the Future of Business podcast was made up of MBA students in the 2017/18 cohort.

Emily Barran

Emily Barran


I was born in Paris, grew up in London and Somerset (the English countryside).

I joined the podcast team because I love talking! And asking questions. I wanted an excuse to continue the amazing conversations I’d heard and been part of when I arrived in Oxford, and to have permission to ask the ‘simple’ questions, which get to the core of why a much-hyped innovation matters and whether it is really a gamechanger.

Brodie Middleton

Brodie Middleton

Producer and Editor

I was in the Australian army before coming over to Oxford. I grew up in Melbourne but moved all over the country through my military career. I’m still adjusting to the cold weather.

I love learning new things, and coming out of the military I was keen to soak up all the knowledge around me when I got here. Oxford provided such incredible access to the highest calibre of speakers on an almost-daily basis, so it was great to be able to push those conversations out to a wider audience.

Patrick Kolla

Patrick Kolla

Producer and Business Development

I came to Oxford from Saskatoon, Canada. I lived and worked in Vancouver and Toronto previously in Project Management and Mining.

I absolutely love podcasts as a medium and was hooked on podcasts such as NPR’s Planet Money and How I Built This as well as Serial and Revisionist History. I joined the team because I wanted a project in the MBA where I could use my creative side and learn a new skill in the process.

Michaelanne Butler

Michaelanne Butler

Producer and Marketing

My pre-Oxford life was spent moving around the Western US – I’ve lived in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California and Washington working primarily in green and social entrepreneurship spaces.

I’m wildly enthusiastic about podcasts – I love how readily they convey the nuanced and complex stories that shape our world. For me, joining the podcast team was an opportunity to dig deeper into the stories that are redefining the world as I know it in real time.

Paras Abrol

Paras Abrol

Research and Design

I am a metallurgical engineer from IIT. I have worked 3 years in the steel industry and 2 years at Teach for India before coming to Oxford.

I love learning about different topics and joining the podcast team was one of the best platforms to deepen my understanding of the world scale problems and share that knowledge with others.