William Scott Jackson

William Scott-Jackson

Entrepreneurship Expert


Professor William Scott-Jackson is Chairman of Oxford Strategic Consulting and Visiting Professor at Cass Business School.

He is also an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Mutual and Employee-owned Business at Oxford University, a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Circle and of Pembroke, St Cross and Kellogg Colleges. William is an external PhD Supervisor for several universities. He and his teams carry out advanced research and consultancy work focusing on the development of human capital, entrepreneurial capabilities, human resource effectiveness and the development of national leadership. 

Alongside this research/consulting role, William is an entrepreneur, having sold three consultancy companies since 2000. He is a very early-stage investor in companies such as Natural Motion and TdeltaS (normally Oxford Spin-outs).

Named by CIPD as one of the top five HR thinkers, William is regularly invited to consult and present on behavioural and social issues, strategic human resources and leadership. His book on ‘Redefining Well-Being in Nations and Organizations’ was recently published and other recent publications include ‘HR with Purpose’, ‘The Gulf Leadership Style’, 'Maximising the Employment of Saudi Women', 'The Future of HR' and 'Strategic Differentiating Capabilities'. He is the author of the Chartered Management Institute’s Guide ‘Learning to Lead’, and ‘Managing Human Capital’ and the CIPD guide to HR outsourcing. He is an engaging and popular speaker on subjects ranging from growth stages of start-ups through to happiness.

Current research includes future models of work (with Henley), happiness and engagement (with the UAE government) and building human capabilities for nations (with Oman). William is an advisor for various governments on subjects such as national happiness and wellbeing, an academic advisor to the Chartered Management Institute’s Human Capital Working Group, a member of the CMI Academic Advisory Board, the CIPD Professional Standards Faculty and the national advisory board on ‘Valuing your Talent’.

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