Simon Lau

Simon Lau

Entrepreneurship Expert


Simon is a seasoned leadership and organisational development professional uniquely placed to offer evocative perspectives through his own cross-cultural heritage and over 20 years experience across both corporate and consulting roles.

He creates impact through a passionate belief that the most successful individuals, teams and organisations operate under some core underlying principles. They know who they are, who they care about and the unique space they hold. They are driven by the need to change and engage in evocative conversations around purpose, relationship and belonging. When harnessed these elements drive performance through the alignment of strategy, culture, values and community. He also applies these principles to the practice of human-centred design at the intersection of accelerated problem solving and building a culture of innovation. 

As an executive coach and group facilitator he excels at creating safe environments and the conditions for honesty, critique and transformative dialogue. His extensive experience spans across all levels where he has designed and delivered a wide variety of strategies and interventions for global MNC CEO's, senior leadership team and emerging market talent.