Richard Pascale

Richard Pascale

Associate Fellow

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Richard Pascale was a member of the faculty at the Stanford Business School, where he taught for 20 years.

He co-authored the bestseller The Art of Japanese Management (1981), Managing on the Edge (1990), Surfing the Edge of Chaos (2000), and the Power of Positive Deviance (2010). The Economist named him one of the leading management gurus of the past 50 years.

An advisor to senior executives of Fortune 500 companies and civic organisations, Richard’s work lies at the intersection of strategy and implementation and focuses on leadership and change. His specific expertise encompasses the design, facilitation and mobilisation of large-scale organisational change in pursuit of strategic intentions.

Richard served as advisor in Iraq to US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, embedding the new ambassador and transforming the largest US mission in the world. He was a White House Fellow, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Labor and Senior Staff of a White House Task Force. He participated in the reorganisation of the Executive Office of the President, which established the Office of Management and Budget.

His public sector clients included the World Economic Forum, the UK's Ministry of Defence, the United States Army, the Department of Interior, USAID, the Sierra Club, the Appalachian Regional Commission, Save The Children, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, and the Gates’ Foundation’s Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative.