Paul Hedley

Paul Hedley

Associate Fellow

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Paul has been an associate fellow with Saïd Business School since 2013.

In his work, Paul explores concepts for developing advanced leadership skills using choral music and conducting. He is also an executive coach who offers his clients a distinctively different perspective utilising 15 years' experience in executive education.

Paul is Managing Director of Leadership & Performance Development Ltd, and Musical Director of the chamber choir Musica Beata. It is through this channel that his interest in the use of music as a canvas and a tool in other environments than the traditional concert platform has developed.

Paul’s work has always led him to challenge the status quo; he is not a typical leadership development partner. He believes that an alternative solution should often be considered to optimise personal and organisational performance.

Paul’s approach focuses on the power of observation, set in a carefully orchestrated, safe, yet challenging, environment where perception and self-awareness take over from the noise of the everyday. Knowing when to ask deeply considered questions and provide points of reflection, Paul helps his clients to uncover and understand their choices for future development and greater effectiveness.


Paul delivers sessions on both custom and open enrolment Executive Education programmes, and he is an executive coach for MBA and Executive MBA students.