Patrick Nathen

Patrick Nathen

Entrepreneurship Expert


Patrick is an expert in numerical simulation and serves as Head of Calculation and design at Lilium. 

Born in 1986 in Düsseldorf, Patrick started his academic career at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, where he graduated in Chemical Engineering. With a scholarship in his pockets Patrick decided to take a master's degree in Aerospace Engineering at TUM in Munich. This time, he focused on numerical simulation and thermo-fluid dynamics. After stops in Dublin and Stanford, he majored in 2012.

Driven by a fascination for fluid-dynamics and the mathematical modelling behind it, Patrick started his PhD in that field. His focus was on the investigation of theoretical turbulence modelling within kinetic approaches for weakly compressible fluid flows. During his PhD, Patrick was also periodically in Oxford and Stanford. One problem he had during this academic time was the thought of 'low-impact engineering'. He never wanted to be just a small gear in a big company, where decisions are always made up from profit point-of-views.

He had the amazing opportunity to found Lilium with his friends Daniel Wiegand, Sebastian Born and Matthias Meiner, whom he knew from his university days. It started as a crazy idea and converged to exactly what he always wanted to be: a technology maniac, who is driven by the idea of changing everybody’s way of individual transportation.

For Patrick, as an entrepreneur, he feels that it is extremely important to take the chance that he has to improve everyone’s life in a sustainable and scalable way. 

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