Malobi Mukherjee

Malobi Mukherjee

Associate Fellow

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Dr Malobi Mukherjee (formerly Kar) is a Research Fellow in the Oxford Institute of Retail Management (OXIRM).

    Her chief research interest is in international retailing, particularly the development of scenarios for retail development in India.

    Malobi’s research into Indian retail scenarios has attracted considerable interest. It has been discussed in public policy forums in India, such as the India Retail Forum 2011, international academic conferences such as Society for Asian Retail and Distribution (SARD 2012 in Kobe, Japan), at the European Institute of Retail and Services Studies meeting (EIRASS 2011 in Vienna) and at the conference for the European Association for Education and research in Commercial Distribution (EAERCD, 2011 in Parma, Italy). Her findings have also been discussed in leading national newspapers in India (the Times of India and Indian Express) as well as in the Retail Images Report 2013 for Indian retail practitioners.

    Following the work in India, requests for similar scenario research has been commissioned from the OXIRM team by British associations for their members who are retailers and stakeholders in the retail sector in general. International retail companies operating in the telecom sector in India have also commissioned scenario workshops from the OXIRM team.

    Malobi has a BA in Sociology from the University of Calcutta, an MBA (specialising in finance) from Leeds University Business School, and a PhD in Marketing (specialising in Customer Relationship Management) from the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester.

    While studying for her doctorate, she worked as a consultant for the John Lewis Partnership, analysing employee and customer satisfaction data and relating them to the company’s overall financial performance. In 2005, she joined the London Metropolitan University as a Lecturer in Marketing, also spending six months as a researcher for the Customer Management Leadership group. She joined Saïd Business School in 2007.


    • Relationship marketing strategies
    • Customer experience management
    • International retail development (particularly for developing economies)
    • Product and service innovation


    Malobi’s main areas of research include retail policy and retail practice in emerging markets and a comparison of the same with mature markets.

    This includes extensive use of scenario methodology to capture the uncertainties of retail development in these markets. Her other research interests include consumer behaviour in emerging markets and the future of retail in mature economies like the UK.

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    Malobi has worked widely with policymakers, academics and industry.

    Engagement with stakeholders and policymakers

    Malobi’s scenario project on Indian retailing engaged stakeholders, including policymakers, from across the Indian retail sector in four different workshops in India held between 2010 and 2011. The findings were widely discussed in a number of public forums, including the India Retail Forum 2010/2011, and disseminated in practitioner journals and in the Indian print media, including the Times of India and Indian Express (see research).

    Further policy-related work has since been carried out for UK retail businesses. This includes running workshops and developing future retail scenarios for the British Retail Consortium as well as the Association of Convenience Stores.

    Academic engagement

    Malobi is liaising with academics across nine different countries to put together an edited volume on Retailing in emerging markets: A strategy and policy perspective. The academics are from Colombia, Brazil, Russia, China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

    She has also participated in a number of international conferences and workshops such as SARD 2012, EAERCD 2011, British Academy of Management conferences and India Retail Forum 2011and 2010.

    The bi-annual Asia Pacific Retail Conference, organised by Malobi and her colleagues at the Oxford Institute of Retail Management, has also helped to develop connections with practitioners and academics in the Asia Pacific region; its reach is now widening across non-Asia Pacific regions as well. Previous Asia Pacific Retail Conferences have been held in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

    As a practitioner

    Malobi has undertaken a number of projects and workshops in Oxford for companies, such as S-Group (Finland), held Value Delivery & Service Innovation (VDSI) workshops with Norwegian companies and academic institutions, and worked with the Retail Futures Group in the UK, Sainsbury’s and Amdocs. Scenario workshops were also conducted for the retail division of an international telecom company with operations in India.

    She has also undertaken consultancy projects in the past for John Lewis and NG Bailey. Malobi was also involved with the Customer Management & Leadership Group (CMLG) at the Manchester Business School.

    Malobi has received grants from industry to pursue her research activities, including from AXA PPP Healthcare (which funded her doctorate) and from another UK-based multinational company which funded her initial scenario research projects in India. She has recently been invited as a Visiting Lecturer by the University of Vaasa in Finland to lecture on her scenario work in emerging markets.


    Malobi lectures doctoral students on Postgraduate Research Methods and she teaches on the Oxford Scenarios Programme.

    She also tutors undergraduates studying Economics and Management and is responsible for designing tutorial questions, preparing relevant reading material, setting exam questions and marking exams.

    Malobi believes that students should also be encouraged to reflect on their key learning points at the end of every tutorial, gaining clarity of learning from every interaction with the tutor. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from London Metropolitan University.