Mads Asprem

Mads Asprem

Entrepreneurship Expert


Mads Asprem is Managing Partner of NewAfrica Impact, an advisory firm focusing on project development, financing and execution, particularly bioenergy and forest landscape restoration.

Mads has worked with impact investments in Africa for more than 20 years and he has been an entrepreneur and innovator within forestry, landscape restoration and climate change mitigation. He founded Green Resources in 1995 and was CEO from 2007-2016. Mads grew the company to become Africa’s leading sustainable forest-company outside South Africa, employing 2-5,000 people and creating high environmental, social and economic impact in remote rural areas.

Green Resources (GR), which established 40,000 ha forests on 100,000 ha landscapes, registered the world’s first voluntary A/R carbon project, held 60% of all African FSC-certified plantations (ex RSA) and developed extensive ESG and impact reporting systems. GR constructed seven new factories in East Africa, including energy plants and probably Africa’s most modern sawmill. 

Mads has 20 years of equity market experience, through 2006, working at CSFB, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, where he was a Managing Director, and headed top-ranked global equity research teams for forest products, paper and packaging. He was involved in numerous capital markets transactions, both in Europe and South Africa. He has directly raised $150m of equity and $50m development loans and made several acquisitions worth more than $100m for businesses in Africa.

Mads has developed, led and executed several business plans, negotiated and integrated acquisitions and led major cost reduction programmes. His educational background is in finance, with a BSc from Wharton School in 1983, a MBA from Chicago Booth in 1987. He was a Fellow at Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative in 2017.   

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