Jeff Henriksen

Jeff Henriksen

Associate Fellow

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Jeff Henriksen is a portfolio manager and founding Partner of Thorpe Abbotts Capital, LLC, a value-oriented hedge fund with offices in the US and the UK.

In his role at Saïd Business School, Jeff teaches financial modelling and valuation.

Jeff has implemented a value-oriented approach to investing over the last decade. Although his philosophy is rooted in the teachings of traditional value investors, his focus has been on adapting traditional value investing practices to 21st-century financial markets. Jeff's academic work focuses on asset pricing, financial modelling, corporate valuation, financial and accounting analysis, and behavioural finance. Jeff is particularly interested in how value-oriented managers can use knowledge in these areas to create more efficient search strategies for identifying potentially undervalued situations. 

Jeff earned his MBA from the University of Oxford, where he received the Dean’s Commendation Award. He also holds a Master's in Finance from the University of Colorado Denver and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he graduated magna cum laude in History. He is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.



As an associate fellow, Jeff works directly with Oxford students through mentoring and coaching sessions and he advises Oxford teams competing in a variety of global finance competitions. 

He lectures on valuation topics at Oxford, including discounted cash flow analysis, LBO (leveraged buyout) modelling, mergers and acquisitions modelling, and value investing.