Gregory Clark

Gregory Clark

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation
Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street

Gregory Clark

Gregory Clark has joined the Centre for Corporate Reputation and the department of Marketing as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. He is working with Felipe Thomaz, Associate Professor of Marketing at Oxford Saïd.

Greg’s research is in Discrete Mathematics, but more specifically Spectral Hypergraph Theory. The goal of Spectral Hypergraph Theory is to relate the structure of a hypergraph to its spectrum; that is to say, how one can relate the structure of a multi-dimensional network to a (relatively) short list of numbers. He is excited for the opportunity to apply this work to problems concerning reputation and the future of marketing. As an example, he wants to provide measurable recommendations on how to improve the position of an individual in a complex network.

Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Westminster College, New Wilmington PA, and received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of South Carolina in May 2019. During graduate school, Greg worked extensively with undergraduate and secondary school students on research in mathematics. In particular, Greg developed a summer research program for local secondary and undergraduate students with support from the University of South Carolina Summer Program for Research Interns and the Support for Minority Advancement in Research Training.

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A Harary-Sachs theorem for hypergraphs(opens in new window)

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Stably computing the multiplicity of known roots given leading coefficients(opens in new window)

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Using block designs in crossing number bounds(opens in new window)

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