Drew Watson

Drew Watson

Associate Fellow

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Drew is a highly experienced executive development and organisation development specialist, with a strong track record in customised programme design and delivery, strategic change initiatives, and executive team facilitation.


He has a long-standing connection with Saïd Business School dating back more than a decade. More broadly, Drew's corporate roles over the past 30 years have included Global Head of Executive and Leadership Development at Standard Chartered Bank; Organisation Development Head at Prudential UK and Europe; Organisation Excellence Leader at National Semiconductor in Santa Clara; and Principal Consultant, Change and Development, at KPMG.

Recent assignments have included:

  • lead orchestrator and educator for a major executive development initiative at a premium brand spirits company
  • organisation development and change advisor to a global (US-based) electronics corporation
  • director of a senior talent initiative in a global insurance and asset management corporation
  • design and delivery of a senior talent initiative for a major Australian bank
  • change process facilitation with a major health-technology company
  • lead orchestrator and educator for a progressive pharmaceutical company
  • programme director for an executive development initiative supporting vice president-level talent in a German fast-moving consumer goods corporation.


Drew has delivered customised sessions on ‘Influence, Politics and Networks’ and also ‘Collaboration’ as well as topics linked to the Hogan Inventories.