David Shrier

David L. Shrier

Associate Fellow

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


David is a globally recognised authority on financial innovation, and created and leads our online programmes in Fintech and Blockchain Strategy.

David is the founder and CEO of Distilled Analytics, a data/machine learning fintech derived from MIT research that applies multi scale precision analytics to predict human behaviour, and Chairman of Riff Learning, an AI-enabled collaboration environment also spun out of MIT.  He is also Lecturer & Futurist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's famed MIT Media Lab, where he previously was Managing Director, Connection Science and New Ventures Officer, MIT Sloan. 

David and Professor Alex Pentland (MIT) have published books including Frontiers of Financial Technology, (with Howie Shrobe) New Solutions for Cybersecurity, and (with Thomas Hardjono) Trust::Data.  He also co-edits, together with Professor Pentland, the Connection Science imprint of MIT Press. 

David holds an Sc.B. in Biology and Theatre from Brown University, and worked professionally as a dramaturg and director after college.

He was named as Global Fintech Person of the Year at the FinX Awards in November 2018. 


David specialises in helping established organisations to build new revenue, having developed $8.5 billion of growth opportunities with C-suite executives for Dun & Bradstreet, Wolters Kluwer, Ernst & Young, GE, The Walt Disney Company, AOL Verizon, and Starwood, as well as leading private equity and VC funds. He has led a number of private equity and venture capital-backed companies as CEO, CFO or COO.

He is on the advisory board of WorldQuant University, a programme offering a totally-free, accredited, online Master’s degree in financial engineering, and is a member of the FinTech Industry Commitee for FINRA, the securities industry's self-regulatory body. David recently advised the European Commission on commercialising innovation with a focus on digital technology, and also counsels the Government of Dubai on blockchain and digital identity, and Millennium Advisors, a middle market credit liquidity provider, on financial technology trends.


David is co-convenor for our online programmes:

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