Astrid Van den Bossche

Doctoral Candidate


Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Astrid Van den Bossche is a DPhil in Management Studies, a Stipendiary Lecturer in Management at Exeter College, and a member of Green Templeton College. 

Her thesis explores what it means to be sceptical of advertising, and focusses on the processes of interpretation in persuasive contexts. In order to address the gulf between interpretive and behavioural approaches to consumer research, she proposes that the consumer cannot be seen as disembodied from either brain or socio-cultural environment, and makes the case that these aspects can be studied fruitfully in tandem. She introduces cognitive literary theory to advertising research, and explores its value. Finally, she is specifically interested in the role of theory of mind in advertising literacy. This project is supervised by Linda M. Scott and Kate Blackmon, and is generously supported by the ESRC, the Scatcherd European Scholarship, and the GTC-SBS DPhil Scholarship.

In a separate project, Astrid is looking at the representation of money and markets in children’s picture books. She is currently detailing her initial findings in a book chapter on the everyday language of money, co-authoring a report on gender bias in market-related storytelling, and examining the relationship between fictionality and promotional language. She is also keeping an eye open for opportunities to further this research.

Prior to beginning her studies at Saïd Business School, Astrid obtained a Master of Studies in Film Aesthetics at the University of Oxford. She then taught as an Alumni Tutor at her undergraduate college, University College Maastricht in The Netherlands, before completing a Master in Management at London Business School.

Her interest in marketing was awakened during her work experience as a brand strategist. As she tapped into her training as a film theorist, she grew increasingly intrigued by the highly intuitive nature of the work – gut feeling and cultural savvy seemed as important as business skills when formulating successful brand strategies. This insight led to questioning the current brand literature, and encouraged her to look for potentially more fitting accounts in other academic fields, such as the Humanities.

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Articles & Essays

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