Anthony Grant

Anthony Grant

Visiting Scholar

Saïd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street


Anthony Grant is Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the School of Psychology at Sydney University, the world’s first such unit, which he founded in 2000.

Anthony is an internationally recognised authority on executive coaching and the psychology of coaching in relation to research, teaching and practice. 

Anthony has directed a number of coaching skills programmes at the Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney including ‘Essential Coaching Skills for Executives’ and ‘Creating positive Organisations through Coaching and Leadership’. At the Institute of Coaching and Consulting Psychology in Sydney, he designed and delivers the ‘Executive Certificate in Evidence-based Coaching’, which he has customised for in-house delivery to a wide range of corporate clients from the legal, manufacturing and consumer sectors, as well as for open enrolment. The Coaching Psychology Unit at the Univeristy of Sydney also offers a number of post-graduate degree programmes in Coaching Psycholgy and Positive Psychology to Master’s level. 

Anthony’s coaching experience includes working at senior levels with leading Australian and global corporations in the financial, legal, media and consumer sectors. He is a Founding Fellow of the Institute for Coaching at Harvard University and a Visiting Professor at the International Centre for Coaching and Leadership Development, Oxford Brookes University. In 2007 he was awarded a British Psychological Society Special Award for ‘Outstanding professional and scientific contribution to Coaching Psychology’ and in 2009 he was awarded a Harvard University ‘Vision of Excellence Award’ from McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, for ‘pioneering work in helping to develop a scientific foundation to coaching’. 

A significant contributor to the international academic literature on coaching and coaching psychology, Anthony is a world authority on conducting research into coaching, and coaching-related interventions; these include positive psychology and solution-focused approaches to facilitating individual and organisational change. He has published a wide range of research into executive coaching, including the world’s first randomised controlled trial of executive coaching. He has co-written and co-edited eight books on evidence-based coaching and has over seventy coaching-related publications in the peer-reviewed and professional press. His coaching research and practice has frequently been reported in the national and international media; his books on coaching have been translated into eight languages. 

Anthony has a PhD in Psychology and an MA in Behavioural Science from Macquaire Univeristy, Sydney, and BA (Hons first class and University Medal) in Psychology from the University of Sydney. He is a Member of the Australian and British Psychological Societies (APS and BPS) and is a VETAB Accredited Workplace Trainer (Cert VI). He is a Registered Psychologist (NSW, Australia) and Chartered Psychologist (BPS).