Andy Bullock

Entrepreneurship Expert


Andy is a creative communications and branding specialist.

His strengths lie in brand creation and development, design (graphic and product) and innovative, progressive thinking. With 30 years' experience in the business at many top creative agencies, including Saatchi and Saatchi, there are few market sectors within which he has not been involved. Significant clients have included Sony, British Airways, Bosch, Canon and Barclays Bank.

He has a near-unique skill set, having originally studied graphic design at art school. His professional abilities include design, art direction, brand creation and development, creative business strategy and planning, copywriting, photography, film and music production.

Andy is particularly interested in ideas that benefit humanity, eco/enviro projects in general and is passionate about anything that helps our planet.

Since gaining a Master's in Fine Art in 2021 he now works primarily as an artist, although still maintains a presence in the commercial world with his creative consultancy work through TAM.

His personal motto is ‘challenge convention’.