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Report to Donors 2018-19

Philanthropy is key to enabling Oxford Saïd to advance as one of the world’s leading business schools. During the academic year, 2018–2019 Saïd Business School received over 500 gifts.

To understand more about the impact of these gifts on the School, and how they have helped business tackle world-scale challenges, please read this engaging digital report to donors.  

Every pound and every minute that is given to the School is strengthening the knowledge, capabilities, and relationships that will help business build a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future.

Professor Peter Tufano

Peter Moores Dean


Our student and alumni contributions make a real impact, whether small or large. Together we are changemakers.

523 donors

Total raised £33,231,843


Raised on Giving Day 2019

105 donations

From MBA Students during Giving Day 2019

490 donations

Under £10k from unique donors

12 Scholars

Supported by OBA Network

398 donors

From the OBA Community
Manish Sharma (MBA 2003)

‘I am motivated to donate by the desire to see Oxford Saïd spearhead business learning and thought-leadership, and for this, financial support is critical. It is the best way to give back to an institution that gave me a lifetime of friendships and memories.’ 

Manish Sharma (MBA 2003)

Mariah Hartman

'I support all the fundraising priorities but am most passionate about scholarships. I would love to see higher education as a right, not a privilege. I know it costs a lot to create and run a school like Oxford Saïd and thinking it is open to all is not necessarily realistic. But I hope that more scholarships being available mean that more amazing people get access to the School and the opportunities it opens.'

Mariah Hartman (MBA 2007)