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Attracting the brightest and best candidates has long defined the University of Oxford as a world-leading institution.

We work hard to encourage the best students to invest their future with us. Scholarships enable us to secure excellent candidates, regardless of means. The School is currently seeking scholarships for all it's programmes, including specific scholarships for UK, Africa and Women. 

Support can take many forms and can be tailored on request.  be in many different forms and can be tailored on request. For more information on how to support our students, please contact us.

Some of our current scholarships:

  • Endowed scholarships, such as the Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship for the Oxford 1+1 MBA

  • Scholarships for women, like the Said Foundation Women's Scholarship and the Forte fellows, supported by the Alumni Annual Fund.

  • Regional scholarships including the Dean's Scholarships for Africa and Latin America, the EY Scholarships for Angola and the Grace Lakes AAF Scholarship for Nigeria. 

  • Named scholarships, like the Skoll Scholarship.

Applicants seeking information on scholarships, please visit: